Resources for Research Paper Writing

The Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network has recently introduced its new Mentoring Cafe in partnership with the British Sociological Association’s Sociology of Religion (SocRel) Study Group. Academia relies heavily upon publications as an indicator of both the academic’s contributions and as evidence of institutional leadership. With that in mind, please see the following resources to assist in your writing endeavors. Here’s the last set of resources made available via the tweet from Dr. Anna Clemens on Twitter. You may contact her directly on Twitter @scientistswrite.

Let us know if you find some of these helpful!

#11: Choose your target journal (1) with SciRev

• Compare publication speeds, peer review quality and journal statistics
• Contribute your own publishing experiences
• Made by researchers

#12: Choose your target journal (2) with Transpose

• Compare journal policies on open peer review, co-reviewing and preprint policies

You might be surprised how vague some journals are on these topics!

#13: Share methods on Protocols

• Publish your chemical synthesis protocols, clinical trial descriptions or computational workflows
• Keep them updated
• Receive a DOI
• Run protocols as checklists
• Free for individuals

#14: Cite correctly with CiteAs

• Obtain the correct citation for any preprint, software or dataset in one click
• Open-source tool

#15: Understand your research landscape with Dimensions

• Analyse all research-related data (grants, papers, patents, datasets, online mentions, clinical trials, policy documents)
• Identify collaborators
• Find who has cited and used your work

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