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Misogynoir to Mishpat Research Network

If the character of society is not measured by its wealth but by the treatment of the poor, then what type of character are we displaying for future generations in this moment?

Bryan Stevenson, lawyer and founder of the Equal Justice Initiative (EJI), said, “We won’t be judged by our intellect and reason. Ultimately, you judge the character of society, not by how they treat the rich, and the privileged and the wealthy, but by how they treat the poor, the condemned, the incarcerated. Because, it’s in that nexus that we actually begin to understand truly profound things about who we are.”

The question for religious leaders today is, who are we? Whether you are a parish leader, a Theologian or Religious scholar, who are you, and how do you treat the most vulnerable today? As Christian Theologians, we do not choose to either “do theology” or “do justice.” Rather…

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