The conversations are presented via the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi Smith who is well known to the Misogynoir to Mishpat supporters for her powerful critiques of Biblical text!

Please join us in listening to this Episode 7 of Beyond the Womanist Classroom (BTWC). This episode, “Women, Sexual Violence, and Power” Part 1 is relevant as the US as October is “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month.” Black women are disproprotionately victims of domestic violence. This may surprise some as Black women are also seen as being very strong. “Womanism” itself is a theoretical framework which celebrates Black women as having “sass.” This strength and awareness of self, however, often masks the issues of violence behind closed doors. How does the Bible perpetuate or provide alternative paths to violence in the home and elsewhere?

Please listen in with friends, students and colleagues. Join the conversation by sharing your thoughts and keeping that conversation going.

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