“Voices of Women in the Struggle for Freedom: Let’s Vote.”

Black women have, historically, played a role in fighting for the right to vote and ensure a fair and equitable world for themselves and their communities. Whether you consider contributions of Ella Baker, Angela Davis, or even women such as Ida B. Wells, Black women have always been in this fight. (For additional resources, please see the book, Too Heavy a Load by Deborah Gray White.) Today, we recognize the historical contributions of women such as Stacey Abrams who could reshape history by being the first African American woman to serve as a State Governor! How are you exercising your rights of citizenship? What type of power do you have to change the world around you? Please join us in supporting the new podcast, Beyond the Womanist Classroom, Episode 9 entitled, “Voices of Women in the Struggle for Freedom: Let’s Vote.” The conversations are presented via the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi Smith who is well known to the Misogynoir to Mishpat supporters!

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