2nd BTWC Ep 8

6th BTWC – Ep 9

7th Newsletter Updates

7th Mentoring Cafe: Unbow Your Heads, Sistahs

8th Who Will Speak for the Voiceless (Prv. 31:8-9)

8th Mentorship Essay

10th Who Will Speak for the Voiceless, Pt. 2

10th Research Day ABSTRACTS DUE

12th BTWC, Episode 10

15th Research Day, 4-5:30 pm, British Standard Time

16th The White Gaze Essay

18th Understanding the White Gaze

21st Scholar Profile

We’re pleased to announce our work is being followed by people in 53 countries! Please continue to spread the word – https://misogynoir2mishpat.com/

We are planning our first Research Day for this academic year on Nov 15th, 4-5:30 pm British Standard Time. During our time together, we will introduce our new theme, Power on the Margins: Open the Gates. This academic year (Oct 2022-Sept 2023) we will engage with various aspects of both “power on the margins” and mentorship. Please mark your calendars with the agenda coming soon.

The Misogynoir to Mishpat (M2M) Research Network has been busy providing resources and support to amplify the voices of African descended women. Please also note the essay by Dr. CL Nash published on Nov 7thUnbow Your Heads, Sistahs,” to introduce the theme for this year, “Power on the Margins: Open the Gates!” The essay encourages us to explore the power we have on the “margins” of Religious Academia, Religious Leadership and within some Activist circles. Please also note her upcoming essay, “The White Gaze” published on Nov 16th.

We have the capacity to not only open the gates for ourselves, but also for others. Our contribution to activism this month includes advocating for Brittney Griner, the Black woman professional basketball player who has been unfairly detained in Russia. We are reminded of Prov. 31:8-9 which asks the question, “Who will speak for the voiceless?” Please retweet these essays on Nov. 8th and Nov. 10th to increase awareness of Brittney Griner’s situation with hope and prayer that she will soon be returned to the US. 

In addition, please note a few wonderful resources published here. First, we shared new episodes of Beyond the Womanist Classroom (hosted by the fabulous Prof. Mitzi Smith). We shared Episode 8 on November 2nd, and Episode 9 on November 6th. We will share Episode 10 on Nov. 12th. In addition, Dr. Asare graciously agreed to let us publish her article, Understanding the White Gaze and How it Impacts Your WorkplaceThis essay focuses on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI). Do you know even one School of Divinity that has an African descended woman on staff as a Lecturer or Professor in the UK? If not, then read this article on Nov 18th

Finally, we have another marvelous profile from a womanist scholar being published on Nov 21st. She is a pioneering Catholic Womanist Scholar, known and admired around the world. You do not want to miss it!

We really need your help to keep M2M going! Please read, like and share the content that we publish. You can do this by visiting the website, https://misogynoir2mishpat.com and following us on twitter @gynoir2mishpat. Please also join our new Facebook group, “Misogynoir to Mishpat.” We look forward to seeing you there!  

Best regards,

Misogynoir to Mishpat

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