Here are some ongoing items M2M would like to share with you.

Methodology – Methodology is an important part of our scholarship and it also is important in the way we contribute to religious leadership. What is the moral compass? Who presents a history and canon of faith and of scholarship for us? We will explore methodological issues starting this month with Toni Morrison’s concept of “the White Gaze.” Because women in The Circle of Concerned African Women, Womanist Scholars and others are writing through a hermeneutical lens which de-centers “Whiteness” as a power structure, this concept of “the White Gaze” may be of importance as a methodological practice. On Nov. 21st, we will share a video of Toni Morrison explaining The White Gaze. The essay by Dr. Asare entitled, “Understanding the White Gaze and How It Impacts Your Workplace,” will be published Nov. 23rd. There will be an article by Dr. CL Nash on the White Gaze in December.

Resources – We have had the honor of sharing Beyond the Womanist Classroom podcast links. This is by the phenomenal Prof. Mitzi Smith and Episode 11 will be published here on Nov. 29th as a resource that is particularly helpful for African descended women in Religious Academia. We especially encourage you to listen to the next few episodes – particularly if you have been feeling isolated with Religious Academia. You are not alone. We are creating strategies to ensure we can survive this journey together. Podcasts 11, 12 and 13 will especially remind you that you have Sisters and Aunties to support you on your journey. M2M will also begin to provide suggestions on how you can create your support team to get you though these challenges!

Another way to be encouraged is through profiles of senior scholars. We have a profile from a senior Catholic Womanist Scholar which we know you’ve been waiting for! Her profile will be featured on Nov. 22nd! Like our recently featured Prof. Renita Weems, she has made consistent and powerful contributions – you don’t want to miss reading her story!  Please read, “like” and share her story with everyone!

We hosted our fabulous Research Day on Nov. 15th where we explored this year’s theme, “Power on the Margins: Open the Gates!” We would like to publicly thank the marvelous international speakers who contributed to this event. These people are: Dr. Susan Kilonzo, Rev. Nicole Ashwood and Rev. Sanya Beharry, Prof. Lovemore Togarasei, Rev. Annie Desche, and Dr. Bridget Nonde Msaiti-Mukuka. Their viewpoints on mentorship are important and we were very honored they took time to share with us. We will be exploring how we can mentor those who are in ministerial leadership, and in the Academy. Within the Academy, our goals will focus on teaching, publishing, and grant opportunities of support. Our hope is to have the beginnings of webinars, seminars to help you succeed.

Additional events include the opportunity to meet with Prof. Saidiya Hartman, author of Scenes of Subjection, and Prof. Christina Sharpe, author of In the Wake: on Blackness and Being. Their work has been instrumental in the work of Womanist Theologians, Womanist Ethicists, and many others. Both events are featured online and the M2M website provides additional information so that you may attend.

Are you seeking opportunities to publish and obtain academic grants? We posted opportunities for funding with such groups as the Mellon Scholars Program in African American History and a Call for Visiting Fellows. Please check the website for these opportunities and many, many more. Deadlines start as early as December 7th so start checking right away.

There are several publishing opportunities including requests for papers, and an exciting opportunity for book publishing. If you have a contextual approach to your scholarship which includes Black women’s history, you need to stop and look at this opportunity right now! North Carolina University Press is looking for you!

Announcement – We are deeply saddened by the recent passing of Prof. Delores Williams and want to honor her memory as one of the original architects of “Womanism” within the Religious Academy. We will post thoughts and observations in the weeks to come.

We will announce our hiatus soon to give our small team a well deserved break. Please continue to check the website as we have already loaded content for you to enjoy during your break. As always, please follow us on twitter @gynoir2mishpat and Facebook, Misogynoir to Mishpat. We will soon announce opportunities for anyone who would like to donate time and/or money to M2M. Your support allows us to continue this work.

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