M2M Introduces Decolonizing God Seminar Series

Misogynoir to Mishpat is pleased to announce its first seminar series. Decolonizing God will explore Africana women’s religious knowledge production within religious academia, religious leadership and activism. By holding Jesus prisoner to racial and patriarchal hierarchies through narrowly defined religious canons, we refuse to acknowledge and support the liberatory praxis of the Bible. Colonizing Jesus does more than lend power to the mythologized Whiteness of the Christ – it traps him in its lack of efficacy. Speakers will use their own disciplines and backgrounds to explore the way Black women’s religious epistemologies can set Jesus free from Whiteness and inform a more ethical way to approach our religious knowledge production in academia, in our places of worship, and in our activist roles. 

M2M Introduction of Professor Esther Mombo

Decolonizing God: African Women’s Epistemic Challenges to Patriarchal Jesus

African women are decolonizing God through their epistemic strengths of not only surviving disease, but examining solutions that are most relevant for their own communities. The effects of COVID-19 are felt, disproportionately, in African nations. Mitigating the financial strain of the disease, African women live in fear of exceptional vulnerability contained in housing, work, and family structures, which yield little to no shelter if the disease is in close proximity. Such women represent an increased susceptibility to COVID. By exploring the plight of Continental African women, Professor Mombo contextualizes a focus on the intersectionality of religion, and society’s role of exacerbating a gendered dialectic which often pits women and men against one another as a function of colonizing God through patriarchal systems. She explores class through a lens of profound poverty and the normalizing effects of violence against women’s bodies. She concludes by identifying key ways the Christian Church can work toward the wholeness of women during the Pandemic as a form of decolonizing. Attendance is free. Please click the link or place it in your browser. https://teams.live.com/meet/9480805472860